Hi there.

I am an artist and computer programmer.

As an artist I go by my childhood nickname of Wilf. You can find my art at my portfolio site www.artbywilf.com

I also run a series of workshops for children which I call my Cartoon Academy.

I have been working professionally with computers since 1990 and these days divide my time between delivering professional web solutions and developing mobile arcade games.

For over 20 years I have been working directly with the Word Wide Web.
(Yes, I remember Netscape Navigator and the earliest versions of web servers and JavaScript)

Amongst the job titles within my CV are systems analyst, IT support consultant, programmer, intranet developer, web designer, marketing consultant, retail website manager, video game developer, web developer and web systems analyst.

Aside from the art and tech I’m a huge fan of film. Is there anything better than settling down to a good 2 hours of escapism after a long day at work?

You can find me on social media at Instagram.

I live in Nantwich , Cheshire (England).